Challenge 24

20–26 June 2022

At any one time there are over 24,000 people living with myeloma in the UK. You can help support them by taking part in Challenge 24 this Myeloma Awareness Week. Sign up and join us to complete 24 miles and raise £240 to help make myeloma history.

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Between 20–26 June complete your 24 miles in support of the 24,000 people living with myeloma in the UK.

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“I’m one of the 24,000 myeloma patients across the UK and will be taking part in Challenge 24 this Myeloma Awareness Week.  Raising funds for Myeloma UK is so important to me because I’ve been living with aggressive Myeloma for 8 years with 3 regressions and without Myeloma UK's dedicated and life saving research work, I’d not be on my current, new treatment. Why not join me?”

– Carmen Lester

How your money makes a difference


£24 could help get Myeloma and MGUS GP guides to GPs so they can spot myeloma sooner and better support myeloma and MGUS patients.


£124 could help us gather evidence to show the impact a delayed diagnosis has on patients and their families to ensure decision-makers know where improvements are needed.


£240 could help us develop a Lab Best Practice Tool to ensure key diagnostic test results are clearly and consistently reported preventing delays to diagnosis.


£2,400 could support the development of a clinical trial to give patients early access to new drugs and therapies.

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